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About Vasa

Our Company

VASA Leather Goods is a product brand from Kayman Products, LLC.  founded by Keith Martin and son Kyle, with the goal to provide high quality, luxury leather goods at an affordable price. Our family has always enjoyed and appreciated the durability and feel of quality leather products. Remember that not all leather products are created equal and to the unacknowledged buyer it’s easy find and purchase find lower cost, lower quality mass-produced leather products that just don't age well or stand the test of time.

Keith learned to appreciate the leather craft while back in middle school. His interest in leather dates back over 50 years when he learned to make hand-crafted leather goods from purchased hides where he would make leather cases, wallets, small stools and belts.

We started VASA Leather Goods after accidentally stumbling upon some very creative leather artisans while visiting Spain. Casually looking to replace Keith’s 25-year-old luxury (and expensive!) branded wallet which had finally wore out, he found equally impressive quality leather replacement products while visiting Spain. To his amazement he found out that replacing his well-known branded wallet with one made in Spain sparked the opportunity bring these fine leather products to the United States for others to enjoy. From there, VASA Leather Goods was born and we are now proud to bring you our first collection of wallets, custom designed to our specifications for your use and enjoyment.

Our Leathers

Our leather is locally sourced in Spain by our Spanish manufacturing artisan which is a family owned business who has been producing and distributing high-quality leather goods for many years. The love for their craft and attention to detail is undeniable and one of the main reasons Kyle and I chose to partner with them.

How sustainable is the leather we use in our products? In the current times, consumers are very concerned about the products they are buying. Our industry is worried about sustainability and our suppliers work hard to be responsible and transparent about their origins of their hides.

The leathers we offer in our products are derived from ethically raised cattle and are a by-product of the food chain -- animals are not killed just to get their skin. All of the leather suppliers we use for our products have the necessary pre-requisites  and certifications to allow for the trace-ability of the sources of leather used for our products. 

About the Leather Tanning Process

For those interested in how leather is transformed into finished hides prior to crafting into finished leather products take a look at this video: